Portland Community College has four key strategic area of focus: Workforce, Belonging, Enterprise & Delivery. My priorities will continue to align with the college’s strategic plan themes.

Here are my priorities for 2023:

Workforce: Finding Solutions to Address Community & Workforce Needs 
Leverage private-public partnerships to create multiple access points and training platforms to address the workforce shortage.

I am a workforce development practitioner with over a decade of experience in driving data and people-centered workforce strategies. When re-elected, I will continue to advocate to legislatures and community leaders to find resources and support for the college to better serve historically marginalized communities through clear and viable pathways to livable wage careers in Oregon. I will bring my knowledge of leveraging private-public partnership to build responsive and agile training and education opportunities that increase economic mobility for students while meeting the workforce demands in the advanced manufacturing, healthcare, technology and traded sectors.

Belonging: Working Together to Support Equitable Student Success
Create clear and viable pathways for students to achieve their goals and continue to deliver quality education and experiences with intentionality.  

I will continue to support education systems that holistically support students with the first step ensuring student’s basic needs are met so training opportunities are accessible.  This takes partnerships and resources for students to have the confidence and an individualized, culturally relevant roadmap to access college. A sense of belonging is foundational for a student to thrive in a college environment and increase their future opportunities and earning potential and together, we can help all students reach their goals.

Enterprise: Strengthening Partnerships to Build Community
Build a deeper connection with community leaders and cultivate effective relationships in the regional community.

I will work to strengthen and grow partnerships with external stakeholders to support the college’s mission to create a long-term sustainable college enterprise. This includes more alignment with K-12 partners, creating, community-based organizations and community leaders. I am dedicated to help drive this strategic initiative that includes a holistic approach model to support equitable student success while promoting economic prosperity.

Delivery: Develop Culturally and Linguistically Relevant Education Systems
Creating training and educational opportunities with innovation and community connection to bridge opportunity gaps.

I understand the importance of having multiple access points and educational opportunities for students. This includes, short-term training, non-credit courses, 1-year certificates and associates degrees that are accessible and navigable for students. I will continue to support integrated education programs such as the multilingual, welding certification program to give English language learners a quick pathway to high wage/high demand careers.