Why Me, Why Now?

Over the last year, the world of education – and the world as we know it – has shifted significantly. With these shifts, I believe it is critical to create a culture of agility that reflects the new landscape of our community’s economy, workforce, and education systems.  It is important that we stand together to ensure viable pathways and supports to livable-wage careers are not only in place, but accessible to underrepresented community members including women, people of color and people of lower socioeconomic status. As the largest college in Oregon, the opportunities PCC provides will continue to be a significant part of this infrastructure and I will do what I can to ensure staff and educators feel supported with ever changing educational impacts due to COVID-19.

Working Together Support Student Success
Together, we can create clear and viable pathways for students to achieve their goals and continue to deliver quality education and experiences.  

By working together and creating connections, we can continue to open doors for students, community members and the incumbent workforce. As a board member, I will advocate for a collaborative working environment that keeps the interests of students, educators, and our community at the forefront. I will work to ensure that we are keeping stakeholders across Zone 7 engaged, and support continued communication and collaboration to remove barriers and increase enrollment, retention and completion rates for students.  In addition, I will strive for consensus with other board members to support student success and access to a quality education through policy and decision making. 

Continue to Enhance Opportunity and Access
We need to continue to remove barriers, reimagine structures and create intentional efforts to support historically underserved residents.  

As a board member, I will ensure decisions that come before the board will have sought the insight and voices of students, faculty, and community members who have historically been disenfranchised. As Zone 7 faces growing diversification and our country reckons with historical racial disenfranchisement and tackles a pandemic that has affected so many working and low income households, it is critical that we hear their needs. As a leader in our community, I will make it a priority to lead conversations with this platform, and work to enhance opportunity and access. This includes culturally relevant engagement strategies and programming that advances racial equity and enhances opportunity for all. 

Enhance Economic Mobility and Support Workforce Development 
By cultivating strategic partnerships, we can drive workforce development initiatives to strengthen a changing economy and create sustainable pathways to livable wage careers.

As an Economic Development practitioner with a focus on workforce development, I am passionate about closing the opportunity gap, cultivating economic mobility, and helping residents obtain livable wage careers.  I will support this work by connecting business, industry, community and educational partners.  I will continue to support the advancement and growth of career technical education programs to help ensure curriculum and student experiences align with current business and industry needs.  With strategic partnerships and networks in place, we can train and educate students for high wage/high demand jobs that are right here in our backyard, building a pipeline of talent that will support the economy while providing opportunity to improve the quality of life for students and residents in Washington County.